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Experts in Pallet timber since 2000
A Woodworking company GLplus, which operates in the territory of Latvia - Krāslava. Company focuses on the production of high quality pallet boards.
About US
The company has 19 years of experience in the production of pallet boards. In 2016 saw log processing reached 60,000 cubic meters. As product raw materials are used conifers and leaf trees.
We want to be the leading manufacturers and exporters of tare boards in the Baltics, offering the highest level of product quality and a professional team.
To provide a high-quality pallet boards to our customers by ensuring an excellent end-products and high level of customer satisfaction.

We are convincingly successful and we overcome obstacles by acting rationally and exceeding our goals.

Business approach

We are proactive, commercially courageous and we are using the given opportunities.

We like what we do and we create an exciting, stimulating and innovative environment.


We set high standards and take responsibility for our products, employees, processes and our performance.

We are a company with no unnecessary bureaucracy, which promotes a quick decision – making and performance.

Team work

We maintain a mutual responsibility for the achievement of the common goals.

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